Age of Wonders III

“AGE OF WONDERS III is the long anticipated sequel to the award-winning strategy series.
Delivering a unique mix of Empire Building, Role Playing and Warfare, offering the ultimate in turn-based fantasy strategy for veterans of the series and new players alike!” –

Role: Game and Level Design Intern
Employment duration: 7 Months (January 2013 – July 2013)
Company: Triumph Studios
Engine: Creator Engine
Achievements & Awards: Best PC/Console Game –
Dutch Game Awards 2014 and #1 sales on Steam at Launch

Steam 9/10 rating & 80% on Metacritic
Available on: Steam


As a game and level design intern at Triumph Studios  I was treated as one of their full-time game designers. During my time working on Age of Wonders III, I created spells, abilities, characters, creatures and multiplayer scenario maps and more (see responsibilities).

Furthermore I was responsible for the research, exploration and final design of the skill tree systems. At the end of my internship I redesigned the basic race units to have more synergy and a different playstyle to keep the early game more strategic. After that I balanced their stats and playtested significantly to ensure the new units were entertaining.


  • Redesigned, implemented and balanced all the base race units.
    Including: irregulars, infantry, pikemen, archers, cavalry and priests
  • Made a system design for handling water and took care of the implementation. Including: water function, water structure support, frozen water decorations, barrier reefs and other movement blockers
  • Took care of the Item forge functionality, implementation and design.
  • Made two multiplayer scenario maps: The bridal chase, New world bravery, The contested lady.
  • Designed the courier system.
  • Designed the onhold system for city productions.
  • Made and implemented abilities, skills and spells.
    Including: Frozen water, enchanted walls, resurgence, Overload, cloack domain, touch of faith, shoot pistol, chain lightning, locust swarm, rot, scorching earth, mind control and many more!
  • Implemented all the XML data for the cities, dwellings and fortresses. And even added some new names!
  • Designed targeters. Including: Magic – tactical donut targeter
  • Made and edited sounds. Including: open & close gate, earthquake, pioneer walk, Furious charge, victory rush and spirit breath
  • Made designs for specializations.
  • Fixed the razing and rebuilding of cities and city outskirts using scripting (LUA) & the resource manager.
  • Made a design and provided solutions for all the problems with ranged rules and visualizations on the tactical map.
  • Made designs and visual explorations for a possible skill tree system.
  • Tracked the completion of all the animations, and tasked any missing.
  • Completed descriptions in XML and abilities/skills/spells of most items.
  • Fixed and reported a lot of bugs.
  • Tasked and designed icons for skills and spells.