Quest to Legoland

Role: Game designer and programmer
Employment duration: 92 days (Distributed between October 2016 to January 2017)
Company: Mediamonks (for Legoland Florida)
Engine: Unity
Achievements & Awards: A lot of happy kids and a very satisfied client! Oh and 2 Silver Cannes Lions! In the entertainment category we got, Brand experience: Mobile & Innovation in brand experience.
Available on: Legoland Florida Official website, Play Store & iTunes


Now the journey is as fun as a day at the resort with Quest to LEGOLAND®, the all new GPS adventure game from LEGOLAND Florida Resort, available on smartphone and tablet. In the app, kids follow a LEGO® minifigure through an interactive adventure of landmarks, puzzles, games, quizzes, and trivia mapped in real-time as they travel to LEGOLAND Florida using GPS.

With 40 total games and more than 1,000 pieces of contextual trivia, what you see in the app depends on the route you take so every trip is a unique adventure. – Legoland Florida

Legoland Florida came to MediaMonks with the request of making the trip to Legoland durable for any kid in the United States while sometimes waiting for hours in cars or public transport. Furthermore they wanted to have the kids learn about small facts while on their trip. MediaMonks took these requirements and turned them into Quest to Legoland, a GPS prefered (but not necessary)  app that has 4 different themes (corresponding with the areas in Legoland and all with their own stories). My job in this project was initially to create one of the three game modes (the battle game). However after I started on the project my role evolved to a more directive role in that I became the go to guy of the project. Not only did I design, test, code, balance and assure quality for the battle game within each theme, I also set up the world maps within each theme and made sure everything was modular and replaceable.


  • Provided guidance to the entire team and functioned as the go to guy within the team
  • Made the maps for each theme
  • Setup the theme selection screen
  • Designed and implemented the battle games for each theme
  • Held playtesting sessions with the target audience