Red Bull Festival Run

“Run, Jump, And Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind!
Now that the 2017 SCHEDULE is out, we thought you could use some help killing time between now and June 8th, so here’s a brand new Bonnaroo game! Jump your way around The Farm and leave no guy or gal behind in this positively addictive pastime. Hop over obstacles and bounce on inflatable killer whaaaaaaales* all the way to some epic high fives under the arch.” – Bonnaroo Festival Run. Play it here!

Role: Game and Level Designer
Employment duration: 5 days (Februari 2017)
Company: MediaMonks (For Red Bull)
Engine: HTML5 Text editor and used Tiled for the levels
Achievements & Awards: Over ten thousand users.


Bonnaroo Festival Run is a promotional game where players have to collect as many pickups as they can while dodging obstacles. The game ends when one of the two characters is outside of the screen. After which the user is presented with their score and added to the scoreboard if they managed to get in the top. The #1 player earns tickets to the Bonnaroo Festival, so challenge was key.

For this project I was added at the very last part of the pipeline. My job was to make the levels with the available obstacles, props, pickups and interactive objects. I completed 5 levels, which contained multiple level chunks to be loaded in dynamically, and tweaked most of the values (running speed, jump force, collision areas, etc.). I wanted to design the levels to be as intuitive and easy to understand as possible. Luckily for me the only physical interaction is screen tapping (or pressing the spacebar) in order to jump (single & double jump included), which I could use to my advantage by placing the pickups at strategic points within the level to help guide the player. As you can see during the first part of the game, the player is encouraged to dodge an obstacle by the positioning of the pickups. Once this behaviour has been established the player is tricked into following the pickups into obstacles so that they see what happens when one of the characters collides with obstacles. The player is given ample time to recover from this ‘error’. The following set of obstacles reinforces the recently learned skills. Finally I introduce a new obstacle/prop/pickup/interactive object and the cycle repeats. The difficulty constantly increases for the first 75% of the level, after which the player can play around with all the skills and reach the end of the level. The level will endlessly loop, but increase in speed each time the player passes the start. The best way to see what I achieved in those 5 days is to Play the game!


  • Designed a level, consisting of a set of sections, each of which teaches the player new things.
  • Tweaked the settings and mechanics to ensure the desired joyful challenging outcome.
  • Playtested the game with the target audience(people visiting Bonnaroo festival) to make sure it was completable, fun and challenging (client request because the game could win the user tickets to the festival).


Level settings: