Magiswords: Surely You Quest

Role: Creative, programmer, and game and level designer
Employment duration: 163 days (Distributed between September 2015 to May 2016)
Company: MediaMonks
Engine: Unity
Achievements & Awards: A 4.3 stars rating and around 500k downloads on the Play Store and a 4/5 stars rating on iTunes!
Available on: Play Store and iTunes.



Most of my time at MediaMonks was spent on this project. In the concept phase of the project I was involved with formulating strategy, making the initial game design document, prototypes, preparing client pitches and provided creative direction to the team.
During the (pre-)production phase my main influence in the project was the design of the modular combat system and the core gameplay mechanics. Following this I created the enemies and designed the ability system. I also designed the sword abilities as well as the in-game economic system and balanced many variables (including currency, unit and sword variables) to maximize player experience. Furthermore I worked on designing and implementing the enemies of which you can see a short code sample.

On average the game takes 8 hours to complete and features multiple boss fights, different areas and tons of enemies, abilities and Magiswords! I am proud of my contributions to this project and would be happy to tell you more in person.


  • Created the system designs for the core gameplay, enemies, abilities, economics and made their prototypes
  • Balanced the values of the game systems, first using Excel and later using in-game tools
  • Wrote game design documents  and provided guidance to other designers, programmers and artists
  • Did quality assurance and extensive playtesting with the target audience (kids)
  • Implemented various audio and sound elements
  • Made battles and boss fights
  • Cooperated on creating the tutorial
  • And much much more, for detailed information please feel free to contact me!